The History of Eastmark

Eastmark: A story of innovation, evolution, and community connection

Five square miles of prime southeast Mesa real estate has evolved from the former General Motors Desert Proving Ground into a sustainable, 21st-century mixed-use community known as Eastmark.

The thriving community holds top billing as one of the most sought-after master-planned communities in not only Arizona, but the nation.

Eastmark was thoughtfully designed to connect neighbors, innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, educators, artists, and students. It boasts a desirable quality of life, a diversity and availability of neighborhoods, a first-rate East Valley locale, and a vibrant economic climate.

But at the end of the day, it’s the people who make Eastmark an ideal place to call home.

The Past: General Motors Desert Proving Ground

It was close to 70 years ago that General Motors descended on 5,000 acres of undeveloped, isolated land in what is now southeast Mesa. The auto manufacturer found a location where they could test vehicles for durability, handling, dust intrusion and emissions in a hot-weather climate away from urban development. | Read More

The Opportunity: Leadership, location, & long-term growth

The soon-to-be-vacated GM Proving Ground was a needle in the proverbial haystack. Very few metropolitan areas in the U.S. had such a large single-owner holding of undeveloped land surrounded by existing infrastructure and development. | Read More

The Vision: Heart & Hub of the East Valley

Eastmark is a “proving ground” in its own right. Instead of proving vehicles, it’s proving that thoughtfully planned, connected communities can enrich the way people live, learn, play, and work. | Read More

The Environment: A sustainable foundation & legacy

From the earliest visioning sessions, sustainability was at the heart of the conversation. Long-term stewardship of the environment was a key goal steering the design of Eastmark as numerous sustainable elements were integrated into the built and planned environments. | Read More

The Design: The mark of something special

“Eastmark is one of the most thoughtfully designed communities in the country,” says Brookfield Residential’s Dea McDonald, vice president and Eastmark general manager. “In our planning, we’ve artfully blended residential areas, employment cores, recreation and commerce to complement each other.” | Read More

The People: Building authentic & intentional community

The people are the heart and soul of Eastmark. It’s the diverse, passionate residents who are the driving force behind the programs, clubs, events, and campaigns hosted by and supported by DMB Community Life, Eastmark’s full-time, on-site community life team. Just as Eastmark’s land plan gives the community a sense of structure and organization, the Eastmark way-of-life plan gives the community vitality. | Read More

The Possibility: A place to evolve

As the East Valley economy expands, Eastmark is situated in the sweet spot for marketplace development and growth. | Read More