The Deck

A Skate Park | open sunrise to 10 p.m.

There’s a state-of-the-art skate park north of Point Twenty-Two Boulevard, just east of Fire Station 221. Designed by Spohn Ranch, every feature is skateable, even the benches, walls, handrails, and stairs. It’s got beginner and advanced pump tracks, ramps, quarter pipes, along with shade structures, and seating areas.


As you get ready to grind, cruise through these skate park tips meant to help with safety and flow at the park. This informal code of conduct will help minimize chaos and collisions.

Check your timing

If you’re a skateboarding newbie, try planning your skate park sessions for off-peak hours, like in the morning before 10 a.m. (late afternoon sessions can get pretty busy). That way you’ll get more practice runs in without an audience and you’ll be less likely to collide with someone else.

Parents of young kiddos, please be sure to always stay on hand during your skate park visits.

Stay mindful of others

At peak times, there could be close to 100 skateboarders all looking to enjoy their moment on the concrete floor, so keep your eyes up and stay aware of fellow skaters to help avoid crashes.

Take a moment to watch when and where people are skating, so you know the flow before you claim your spot and take your turn.

Wear protective gear

Collisions happen, but so do gnarly falls when you’re trying out tricks. Be sure to wear a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads so you don’t have to hang up your board while you’re waiting to heal.

Spectators stay back

When you’re at a skate park, it’s safe to assume most everything — including ledges, benches, handrails, and ramps — will be skated on, so if you’re spectating, be sure to stay at a safe distance from the action so skaters don’t have to navigate around you.

If you’re there to skate and waiting your turn, avoid resting on the ramps and rails while someone else is making a maneuver.

Respect first timers and falls

We all start somewhere, so cut some slack to those who are new to the board. If a skater falls while trying a trick, respect their frustration, but also be an encouraging voice.

Skateboarding is all about experimenting and learning from failure. Even Tony Hawk has taken a spill or two.

Get up fast

Odds are you’re going to fall at some point, so when you do, just try to get up as fast as you can to clear the way for the next skateboarder in line. If you’re seriously injured, yell for help.

Shout “board!”

If you wipe out, lose control of your board and it shoots up into air, make sure to loudly yell “board!” so those around you have warning that a board has gone astray. That way they can cover their heads or get out of the way.

Avoid marathon runs

Everyone is waiting to take their turn, so when you’re up, keep it simple and respect your fellow skaters, especially during busy times. When there are fewer people at the park, you might be able to get some longer runs in, but still stay mindful of the general flow.

Leave the “snakes” for the desert

A skateboarding “snake” is someone who drops in during another person’s run, skates out of turn, or takes more turns than they should. This is a major bummer because it steals time from skaters and is a big cause of collisions.

Plain and simple: Wait your turn, don’t snake. If you do accidentally snake someone, get out of their way as soon as possible and apologize.

Don't wax obstacles

The public skate park is not the place to be waxing the ramps, rails, and other obstacles. A waxed rail could add unexpected speed that leads to crashes and injuries.

Keep it clean

For the safety of all skaters, be sure to toss your snack wrappers and beverage bottles in the trash or recycling bins. No one wants their run ruined by a chip bag getting caught in their wheels.

Shred it!

Skateboarding is awesome, so we hope you’ll make full use of this cool skate park right in your neighborhood. Just remember to play it cool and stay respectful.

Course Rules

The official rules are posted at the park, so be sure to read them before you skate. And please note, this is a non-supervised facility.

  • Use the skate park at your own risk. Skating is a dangerous activity and the Eastmark Community Alliance assumes no liability for injuries sustained in the use of this facility.
  • Safety equipment is recommended.
  • Your sport, your skull, your choice. Using this facility may expose you to serious injury including broken bones, paralysis, or death.
  • This is your skate park, please take care of it. Tagging, graffiti, litter, and other acts of defacement vandalism are not enjoyed by most people. Respect the cleanliness.
  • Use the skate park respectfully.
  • This is a smoke, alcohol, and drug-free skate park.
  • Additional ramps, jumps and obstacles are prohibited in the skate park. Don’t modify the skating surfaces. Don’t alter the course in any way.
  • Please restrict skating to features specifically designed for that purpose.
  • No skating when the surface is wet, it’s raining, or during electrical storms.
  • Respect residential property. Do not climb walls.
  • Be respectful of the park and its other patrons.
  • Permission is required for special events and amplified music — please contact the Eastmark Community Alliance for approval.
  • Take care of your personal belongings. The Alliance is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Use of The Deck is subject to compliance with all the rules adopted by Eastmark Community Alliance, including the Eastmark neighborhood park guidelines.
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