Design Review

What is Design Review and why does it matter? Read this article to find out.

Design Review is a collaborative process between a resident and the Design Review Committee. Although a planned modification may be congruent with Eastmark’s design standards, residents must always obtain approval from the Design Review Committee prior to beginning a modification project.

The Design Review Committee meets weekly to expedite processing of requests. It’s recommended that residents wait to schedule vendors until after they receive written approval for their modification.

Eastmark Design Guidelines

Design Review Application Process

Design Review Application

The Design Review Committee meets most weeks. Check the Community Calendar for upcoming meeting dates. The committee has up to 60 days from the date a completed application is submitted to review and provide a written response.

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All Additions, modifications or other improvements must be approved by the Design Review Committee prior to installation. Compliance with these guidelines does not eliminate the need to submit to the Design Review Committee prior to installation or commencement of work.


Shade Structures & Sunscreens

Driveways, Walkways & Paths

Security Doors

Satellite Dishes


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Design Review Committee

  • Christina Christian, Vice President of the Eastmark Board of Directors
  • Scott Rowan, Director of Community Asset Management
  • Ashley Saucedo, Community Operations Manager