Community Standards

Eastmark is a thoughtfully designed community, and with your help we can uphold the vision and values today and in the future.

Community Standards provide a formal process for owners to maintain the character and shared vision for our community.

The Eastmark Community Life Team regularly tours the community to ensure we are meeting our high-quality standards. Should we discover something amiss on your property, our Noncompliance Enforcement Guidelines outline our process for communicating with residents. Our commitment is to work collaboratively with you to remedy any community standards concerns.

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Please note: Access to Eastmark amenities is dependent on staying in good standing with the Eastmark Residential Association, which includes timely payment of assessments as well as compliance with Community Standards.

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Most common Eastmark standards referenced*

Satellite Dishes
Prior approval for installing a satellite dish or antennae is necessary only if the requested install site varies from the Satellite Dish installation guidelines.
Source: ‘Satellite Dish Installation’ Design Review

Backyard Landscaping
All front yard landscape modifications require prior written approval from the Eastmark Design Review Committee. For backyard landscape modifications that include permitted plant material and trees, installation does not need to be reviewed by the Eastmark Design Review Committee prior to installation. Trees must be offset from all property lines by a minimum of 3 feet. Plant material NOT found on the permitted plant list must be reviewed by the Eastmark Design Review Committee.
Source: Eastmark Design Guidelines

Boats/ RVs/ Recreational Vehicles
Recreational vehicles including golf carts, boats and other watercraft, trailers, as well as stored or inoperable vehicles must be parked in enclosed garages. Recreational vehicles can be parked in the driveway for a period not to exceed 24 hours to be washed and cleaned. Parked vehicles must not impair the use of sidewalks.
Source: Exhibit D of the ERA CC&Rs 

Commercial Vehicles
Commercial vehicles—including vehicles with signage as defined in the Noncompliance Enforcement Guidelines (page 3/Exhibit A)—must be parked in enclosed garages. Parked vehicles must not impair the use of sidewalks.
Source: Exhibit D of the ERA CC&Rs

Flag Poles and Flag Mounts
Location, lighting, and flagpole material must be reviewed by the Eastmark Design Review Committee prior to installation. All flags must be maintained. Faded, frayed or tattered flags are not permitted. The American flag must be flown in accordance with the Federal Flag Code. Eastmark reserves the right to remove flags that it deems inappropriate for any of the following reasons: subject matter, height, color, size, reflectivity or location. Seasonal and event flags are acceptable during the relevant season.
Source: Eastmark Design Guidelines

Holiday Lighting and Decorations
Eastmark encourages exterior decorating for the holidays. Exterior holiday lighting and decorations are permitted between Oct. 1 and Nov. 6, and Nov. 26 and Jan 10. Lights and decorations for other holidays (e.g. Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving) may be installed no more than two (2) weeks prior to the holiday and must be removed within one (1) week after the holiday.
Source: Eastmark Design Guidelines

Landscape Maintenance Responsibilities
Home landscape must be maintained so that it does not become visually unattractive, overgrown or otherwise not in keeping with the Owner Improvement Design Guidelines. Trees, shrubs, or plantings cannot overhang or encroach upon any public right-of-way including sidewalks and bicycle paths. For more information on maintenance of the Parkway Zone (the area between the street and the sidewalk), please review the Parkway Zone Maintenance Responsibilities.
Source: Eastmark Residential Association CC&Rs Article 6 Paragraph 6.1.1 and Eastmark Design Guidelines ‘Landscape Maintenance’ and ‘Parkway Zone’

Eastmark is a pet-friendly community. For the safety of our community, dogs must be kept on leashes at all times. Pet owners must pick up any pet feces on any portion of Eastmark common areas and/or on a fellow resident’s property. Residents are expected to comply with all city, county, and state pet laws.
Source: Eastmark Residential Association, Inc. Exhibit D Article 1 – Paragraph B

Play Structures, Sports Courts, and Equipment
Play structures, sports courts, and associated equipment must be designed to minimize the aesthetic, noise, lighting, and glare/heat impacts to adjacent properties. Approval from the Eastmark Design Review Committee is required prior to installation. Play structures are generally limited to nine (9) feet in height. Trees, shrubs and walls should be installed to further screen equipment.
Source: Eastmark Design Guidelines

Pools and Spas
Pools and spas must be constructed in compliance with local regulations including those of Maricopa County and City of Mesa. Pools cannot be drained or backwashed onto adjacent open space, the property or public streets. See City of Mesa guidelines for draining and backwashing a pool.
Source: Eastmark Design Guidelines

Security Doors/Screen Doors
Security doors and gates should be architecturally compatible with existing architectural elements of the home – see Eastmark Design Review. No animal, plant, or character depictions are allowed. The color of the screen material for the door must be black, bronze, or dark brown. Approval from the Eastmark Design Review Committee is required prior to installation.
Source: Eastmark Design Guidelines

Trash and Recycling Containers
Trash and recycling containers must be removed from the pickup area on the same day that pickup service is provided. These containers must be stored in the garage, or within enclosed yards that are screened from street view or adjacent properties.
Source: Eastmark Design Guidelines & Eastmark Residential Association, Inc. Exhibit D Initial Residential Standards

*This list does not cover all standards, nor does it replace the governing documents.

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