Exterior eave lighting: What to know before you install

Exterior accent lighting, like pathway lights and uplighting on trees, can really highlight your home. But when it comes to the look of permanent exterior eave lights, there are a few parameters to stay aligned with the Eastmark aesthetic and good neighbor vibe.

This style of permanent lighting on homes has become very popular as holiday décor during the last year or two. While the trend wasn’t originally included in the Eastmark Design Guidelines, recent policy updates have been made guidelines. We’ve put together a quick rundown of key points to know before you flip the switch or schedule an install.

Stamp of approval

If you’re planning to install permanent exterior eave lighting, you’ll want to first submit a design review application and include a detailed explanation of the look and mounting method of the lights.

Front for the win

Keep the eave lighting to the front of your house only, to avoid any disturbance to your nearby neighbors. Please also be mindful of the brightness and movement of the lights.

Match the paint

Any parts of the eave lighting infrastructure — channel, track, cables, wires, control boxes — need to match the color of the existing wood facia or adjacent building surfaces.

Hide the cords

The permanent eave lights and track need to be tucked below and behind the existing facia of the roof eave to minimize visibility as much as possible.

Stay in season

The permanent exterior eave lights should only be turned on from Oct.1 to Jan. 10  for the Halloween, autumn, and winter holiday seasons. Even if your favorite sports team makes the playoffs or you’re feeling festive for St. Patrick’s Day, the lights should only be turned on during the specified time frame.

Not for security

Permanent exterior eave lights should not be used for general illumination or as security lighting for your home. For more info on the type of security lighting that is permitted, check section 6.10 of the Eastmark Design Guidelines.

Love your lights

Keep an eye on your lights and if you notice any that are broken or looking a little worse for wear, please plan to remove, repair, or replace them in a timely manner.

Final notes

We love seeing these festive lights during the holidays, and we know that permanent lights make life a whole lot easier, but it’s important to note that unapproved and/or improperly installed lights may lead to a letter, fine, and request for removal from the Eastmark Residential Association.

Please reach out to the ERA if you have any questions or need further clarification.

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